Migration Services

Providing professional business, investment or other migration services as follows: -

  • Counselling on Australian immigration law and regulations
  • Visa options and case assessments
  • Check accounting statements against financial criteria to appraise eligibility
  • Supply guidelines for requirement of supporting documents
  • Conduct business research, identify business opportunities and draft business proposals / reports
  • Immigration Law  presentation preparation
  • Visa application lodgement
  • Brief applicants on subsequent departmental interview
  • Respond to departmental visa processing questions.


Educational Services

  • Assess the educational, employment and financial background of the prospective student against the requirements of the Australian institutions (schools, colleges and universities) and the student visa requirements.

  • Based on the outcome of the assessment as well as the desire and aptitude of the prospective student to research and recommend appropriate courses of study at Australian institutions.

  • Counsel the prospective student regarding the details of the educational institution, the courses and the fees involved.

  • Assist the prospective student with application procedures and liaise with the educational institutions regarding the enrolment.

  • Apply for student visas on behalf of the prospective student upon their request.

  •  Make arrangements with the educational institutions to assist with accommodation and airport pick up for the prospective student if required.



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