Australia is a politically stable country. Its well-established political/ legal/ financial system provides a very good economic base and is an ideal environment for business and investment.  It is also a multicultural and racially tolerant country with a harmonious society. Democratic government upholds human rights and freedom. Low crime rate gives you a sense of personal security.

Australia's abundant natural resources and sophisticated business / industry infrastructure, backed up with a well-trained workforce, provides numerous business opportunities. Advanced high technologies, as well as the efficient telecommunication and transportation networks, enhance the prospects of business success.

Australia has an excellent social welfare and health / age care system, as well as high standard but low cost education, which benefits your whole family from young to old.

The average Australian has a high living standard and easy-going outdoor lifestyle.  Comfortable and spacious housing offers a good place for families to relax.   Beautiful national parks, beaches, sporting / recreation facilities are plentiful, making it perfect for enjoyment in the leisure time.  Australia's mild climate and clean environment are essential elements for good health.

There is an ample supply of fresh Australian produce and good quality Australian made products.  A wide variety of ethnic food and imported goods from most countries in the world are also readily available for your shopping and dining pleasure.